BP Sounds

Ben performed his first show back in 2013 at the age of only 13.
Music had always been an interest to him as a child, and learning how different music can really effect someone’s mood became significant in his learning how to become a great DJ.

As time went on becoming an entertainer was the route he was obviously going to take.
Ben wanted to please an audience and wanted them to have a fantastic time when seeing him perform.

Reading an audience was a skill Ben developed as he performed more shows.
Through this Ben quickly learnt how to play music the audience wants to hear.
Audiences are often surprised in Ben's knowledge of so many music genres and eras and at such a young age, and having such a wide knowledge of music genres means Ben can please virtually all types of audience.

However, as an act Ben is something very different!.
Ben does not just play music to the audience... he entertains!

Audience participation and breaking the ice between the performer and the audience is the key to a great show!
It’s hard to explain exactly how Ben entertains an audience as he constantly evolves the act and incorporates new and exciting ideas in his performance.
The best way to find out what BP Sounds is all about is by seeing him live or booking BP Sounds for your  event!
Check out the website to find out more!

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